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Instar (UK) Office, is a liaison representative office, for a few select Houseware Factories and Distributors in China, who manufacture all types of Houseware Products.

These days, despite technology and advancement in resources, language is still a barrier yet to be broken, and we step in to bridge the gap. We specialize in focusing on the trade and supply, ensuring that clients get what they order, what they require, and nothing else. We understand your requirements and know how to communicate the same to the factories.

 Our company, plays an important role in the bridge between the two worlds, China, being a leader in manufacturing today, has been (and still is) taking a substantial growth in it's manufactory and export. Our company represents many clients and OEM brands worldwide, We control our factories, making sure that they follow the clients requirements, styles, etc. As a lot of the time, most factories are prone to mistakes. This is where we handle the co-ordination and the follow up of orders to ensure that the customer gets exactly what he wants.

 The main advantage of course, comes with our QC (quality check). Poor quality and misleading factories are the biggest fear of buyers these days. Our experienced team of merchandisers and quality inspectors, who take pride in their job, constantly make both inspections and quality checks, which are done precisely and accurately, leaving no room for mistakes.

A lot of the time, with the language barrier that the customer faces (being a major communication obstacle in the business), enables us to take advantage of our resources, having offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Ningbo. This ensures that we constantly have the correct communication and understanding with China for our clients and our Sales offices located in United Kingdom and Spain.

We work very closely with both our clients, and our factories, keeping a very “personal” relationship in mind. This allows us to understand the needs of our customers, and enables us to provide to you the best of our skills and abilities, whilst protecting your interests at all times.


You may contact us at:

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UK :

Within UK dial:
330108 OR
8133 3701

Outside UK dial:
330108 OR
8133 3701

Ask for :

Mr. Suneel K Utamchandani



Hong Kong :

Ningbo :
8777 8041

Ask for :

Mr. Bhavish Lachman

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Do contact us for any inquiries you may have. We can fulfill all your requirements for Kitchenware in any of the following categories :

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